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basic-asiaBasic Asia, a unique collection of sounds recorded entirely on location in South East Asia. Asia has got a sound of it’s own, the nature, the villages, the city, the traffic, the temples and the crowds, it’s an other world. This collection is not limited to the typical Asian genre. Basic Asia is the perfect addition to your existing libraries: when you need a different crowd, a special door or an off angle atmosphere, Basic Asia has got it. And the “tuk tuk” this typical Asian vehicle, has never before been recorded as versatile as here.
Disk one contains perfect exteriors from a typical floating bamboo hut village with its own unique atmosphere. Furthermore characteristic recordings from, schoolyards, country side, cities, skylines, markets, restaurants and temples.
Disk two focusses on interior backgrounds, cafe, hospital, post office, shopping mall, supermarket, metal workshop, textile mill, classroom, restaurant and several room tones (city apartments and a village temple).
Disk three contains human and animal related sounds, crowds at a martial arts indoor sport events, teenagers, children, P.A. announcements, footsteps on gravel, dirt, wooden stairs and gangway, water buffalo, chicken, crickets and the ‘njit njot’.
Disk four takes you on the road with motorized transport; the Tuk Tuk is recorded in many variations, pass by’s, start, stop, on board, at different speeds. And there is more: diesel bus and train, motorboat, Bangkok sky train, and even a two wheeled farm tractor.
Disk five contains more ambient recordings of city traffic, bus, train and sky train stations. Furthermore passenger elevator, weaving, fruit falling from a tree, household cooking. And a series of superb wooden temple doors (open, close, quiet, bang, reverberant and more).

Guess what..... I used it in a Britney Spears remix!

Junkie XL

Super sound library, the only thing I want to do now is write scores for movies and create tracks where Tom Waits meets Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.

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