$ 158.00
xw1-3X-treme Whooshes Bundle is our ultimate whooshes and motion graphics collection. Packed with 2400+ unique sounds. Instead of € 237,- you pay only € 158,- when you purchase this bundle!

What is it?

It is the combination of XW1, XW2 and XW3. The ultimate collection for sound design, Broadcast Imaging, Explanimations, TV leaders etc.
Here is a video from our friend Geert van Gaalen who used the XW1-3 bundle to design the sounds for this great Lionel Messi video. Especially the end logo is pure X-treme Whooshes sound design magic!

Who would use it?

Whatever your approach; Big Hollywood impact or small type Kinetic Typography sounds, the XW1-3 bundle is your Broadcast Design, Radio Imaging, Game audio and Motion Graphics sound library!

XW1-3 format: 24 bit 48kHz AIFF

Guess what..... I used it in a Britney Spears remix!

Junkie XL

Super sound library, the only thing I want to do now is write scores for movies and create tracks where Tom Waits meets Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.

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