X-treme Whooshes Bundle

XW1-3 is our ultimate whooshes and motion graphics collection. Packed with 2400+ unique sounds. Instead of  € 237,- you pay only € 158,-  when you purchase this bundle!

It is the combination of XW1, XW2 and XW3. The ultimate collection for sound design, Broadcast Imaging, Explanimations, TV leaders etc.

Here is a video from our friend Geert van Gaalen who used the XW1-3 bundle to design the sounds for this great Lionel Messi video. Especially the end logo is pure X-treme Whooshes sound design magic!

A motion graphic animation for the X-treme Whooshes Vol.3 (XW3) sound effects gives you an idea what you can do with it!

This one is made by Frank Boxman: www.mutantworm.com

XW1-3 format: 24 bit 48kHz Aiff

Whatever your approach; Big Hollywood impact or small type Kinetic Typography sounds, the XW1-3 bundle is your Broadcast Design, Radio Imaging, Game audio and Motion Graphics sound library!