According to the dictionary it is the sound made by something that is moving quickly. It’s first known use: 1856
Examples in text:
‘Cars whooshing along the expressway’.
‘Water whooshes down the pipe’.

In film and multi media a whoosh or swhoosh is the name for a broad variety of sound effects (often abbreviated to sfx) for fast movement. In games whoosh sound effects or transitions are designed for cutscenes. In media and television a whoosh sound is also used often when animated items move quickly on a screen or when transitioning scenes or angles. In Cartoon movies and animation whoosh sound effects are used to accentuate fast movement and speed.
We at Soundlabel make tons of in house sounds for logo’s, animation, presentations, films so it is a natural step to bundle the best of what we made and make them available for you.

We started in 2005 with XW1 with over 600 whooshes, hits, zaps, impacts, dopplers, soundscapes, rising cymbals, click sounds, musical sound effects etc.. This was the era where sound effects were still printed as audio CD’s and send all over the world to direct customers and distributors.

XW2 contains over 1000 sounds! ranging from water whooshes to gates from hell, bouncing sounds, melodic noises, cinematic whooshes, typing, data flips, traffic whooshes, glass and breaking glass, electricity and buzz effects etc.

XW3 was released in 2012 again with tons of very useful sounds for video imaging, animation, presentation and explanimation video’s. This is new name for a genre animation video’s often made in After Effects that explain something. The core of XW3 are more acoustic sounds Category names on XW3 are: Kinetic typography, acoustic impacts, kinetic blows, moves, ripples, collide, slides, sweeps, cinematic drum hits,
xw1-3X-treme Whooshes Bundle is our ultimate whooshes and motion graphics collection. Packed with 2400+ unique sounds. Instead of € 237,- you pay only € 158,- when you purchase this bundle!
$ 158.00
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x-treme-whooshes-3XW3 is a new and exciting collection of production elements with over 650 sounds for Broadcast Design, Radio Imaging, Games and Motion Graphics.
A collection that adds spice and flair to your production.
$ 79.00
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x-treme-whooshes-vol2-box-closedX-treme Whooshes Vol. 2 is the next generation in sound effects for Motion Graphics, Imaging Elements, Video Games, Multi Media, Trailers, Radio Imaging, Film and Theatre Productions and Animation. More then 1000 sounds recorded in 24 bit 96 kHz! (DVD rom version).
$ 79.00
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X-Treme Whooshes
X-treme Whooshes vol.1’ the legendary whooshes collection! Imaging elements library for Motion Graphic artists, video editors, game designers, flash developers, DJ’s, Radio producers, Keynote and Powerpoint presentations.
$ 79.00
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classic-whooshesClassic Whooshes, is an essential whooshes collection for starters.
If you are serious about sound effects that will empower your visuals then start with our Classic Whooshes collection, 127 unique Whooshes and Production Elements that will get you started to spices op your moving logo's, motion graphics and presentations.
$ 19.00
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Guess what..... I used it in a Britney Spears remix!

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Super sound library, the only thing I want to do now is write scores for movies and create tracks where Tom Waits meets Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.

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