Piano Attack

Piano Attack: Everything you always wanted to do with a piano but were afraid to try…. A unique instrument and sample library containing all the unexpected sounds from the inside.

Piano Attack a unique sample collection of a hammered, beaten, prepared and abused piano. The sounds range from beats to atmospheres and from (strange) new instruments to bizarre drones.

A wealth of inspiring sounds for composers, musicians and sound designers. The range of the Piano attack sounds is enormous, from a simple brush of the hand over the strings to very complex sounding beats, phrases, soundscapes and even demolition sounds.

For creative and progressive sampler users that are looking for ways to expand their palettes. (Film) composers, sound designers, producers, re-mixers and DJ's.

If filmscoring and composing is your business, it will become very hard to avoid the Piano Attack sound spectrum. The atmospheres, the drones, the scary 'twangs', glittering strings and the pounding rhythms will inspire you to produce the most original scores. You will be surprised by all the new ‘acoustic’ instruments that were created using a ‘liberated’ piano. And when a director needs a score right away Piano Attack will inspire you instantly.

If composing and producing dance music is your turf, the Piano Attack BPM folder will become your favorite link for finding new beats and rhythms for very original grooves and twisted remixes. And on top of that, there are enough phrases and staggering sounds that will make your track instantly recognizable.

When your are always looking for that one sound that will make people’s heads turn Piano Attack will become your first choice! With just a few sounds you can give any scene a dramatic effect. For signature tunes and commercials, Piano Attack has some unique and hypnotizing sounds that will sound like 'ear candy' to add agencies. Piano Attack contains all kinds of hammered, beaten, prepared and abused piano sounds so you don’t have to destroy your own. Piano Attack; not the standard Grand but unexpected sounds from inside: phrases, loops, beats, bangs, zings, the whole shebang. And Piano Attack will lure you to stick your hands (or something else...) into a real piano because .... Piano Attack will definitely infect you!