X-treme Whooshes 3

XW3 is a new and exciting collection of production elements with over 650 sounds for Broadcast Design, Radio Imaging, Games and Motion Graphics.

A collection that adds spice and flair to your production.

XW3 has 3 main categories, Acoustic', 'Electronic' and 'Music' which means that in 'Acoustic' all sounds are recorded with a microphone and very little effects are used on these sounds, a little de-noising, EQ and compression. This is a collection of small and natural sounding effects ideal for 'Kinetic Typography'.

The 'Electronic' collection sounds are generated in al kinds of ways, some microphone recordings, some guitars and lots of synthesizers and samplers run through a truckload of effects. Choose this when you want big and impressive effects.

A large part of the 'Electronic' collection is dedicated to Doppler type sounds.

In the 'Music' section musical instruments were used to create the sounds and most of them are melodic.

A motion graphic animation for the X-treme Whooshes Vol.3 (XW3) sound effects series.

This one is made by Frank Boxman: www.mutantworm.com

XW3 format: 24 bit 48kHz Aiff

What ever your approach; Big Hollywood impact or small type Kinetic Typography sounds, XW3 is your Broadcast Design, Radio Imaging, Game audio and Motion Graphics sound library!